Shyouren Ginsan

Jikko’s Shyouren Ginsan series is comprised of knives whose blade steels are crafted out of Silver Steel No 3 (Gin-san Steel) made by the Hitachi factory in Japan. Knives composed of Silver Steel are well known to be  quality, stainless knives with very good edge retention and wear- and rust- resistance capabilities. These knives have an HRC of about 60, which makes them reletively hard. The knives in this series require their user to have good knife sharpening skills. Additionally, the knives in this series are of a “wa-” variety, so they have a Western blade style, namely the Sujihiki (slicer) blade style, that is embedded into a Traditional, octogonal ebony handle; the handle also contains an Water Buffalo horn bolster for added balance and percision.

Recommendation: For the best performance, Jikko’s Shyouren Ginsan knives are best for Junior and Head chefs who have honed their ability to sharpen. 

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