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The History of YanagiKnife Inc.

As Japanese cuisine has gained increasing popularity in the United States, I begin YanagiKnife in order to provide high quality services and products for chefs of all cuisines. Prior to starting YanagiKnife, I myself was a Japanese sushi chef, and during my career I spent a lot of time handling, working with, and caring for knives. As a chef, I eventually learned the importance of a sharp and quality knife, and how it impacts the taste and texture of food, as well as the efficiency of making food. From there my curiosity for knives caused me to look deeper into the matter. I started to search for and collect information on various kinds of knives, and even started practicing sharpening them in my free time.Through many hours spent researching knives, the different kinds of metals that compose them, the process of making them, and the process of sharpening them, as well as the many hours that I spent practicing my sharpening skills, I became a delicate, meticulous and skilled knife sharpener who earned praise from his peers. As time went on, I slowly began to develop a vision that turned into a mission to start a company that provides professional knife recommendations, sharpening and maintenance services for chefs of all cuisines and who live all throughout the United States.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to provide the most professional, considerate and meticulous services for our customers. We start conversations with our customers daily to learn about and understand their needs so that we are able to best provide the exact service that they desire to receive.


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