Virgin Carbon Steel (HC series)

The knives in this series sport a blade steel crafted out of Virgin Carbon Steel. Virgin Carbon Steel has a higher hardness than regular high-carbon knives and so retains its edge longer. The knives in this series rust and so must be kept dry and oiled after use. Because of their high hardness, these knives require above-average sharpening skill as well as knife knowledge (they are more brittle than knives with a softer steel and so are slightly more prone to chipping). The knives in this series come equipped with a durable black pakkawood, resin imbued knife handle that is waterproof. These knives also contain a virgin high-carbon bolster.

Recommendation: The knives in this series are recommended for professional cooks/chefs as they require specific knife knowledge and good sharpening skill to maintain. These knives are quality and reliable knives that will get the job done! Their edge retention is above average and so their time interval for re-sharpening is longer than other knives with a softer blade steel.

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